The happiness of Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands

An article read on talkinbusiness about happiness research in the Netherlands around leading scholars such as Ruut Veenhoven. 

Visiting SBE scholars Devrim Dumludag and Özge Gokdemir on 10 June 2013 presented a video about their research project on “The happiness of Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands” at the NWO Bessensap Video Contest in The Hague. Their research project was one of the five winning submissions for the NWO Bessensap video contest. This annual event is the main gathering of all scientific journalists in the Netherlands. 

Özge Gokdemir and Devrim Dumludag studied the happiness of Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands. Although the Netherlands is one of the happiest countries in the World, Turkish immigrants are the least happy group in the Netherlands. This observation becomes interesting as economic theory argues that economic well-being brings happiness as well. However, this is not the case for Turkish immigrants which are doing good in economic terms.

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