Gaël Brulé

Postal address: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization EHERO
POB 1738, NL3000DR Rotterdam Netherlands Tel +31 10 4082102



Ruut Veenhoven:

World Database of Happiness:

Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation:

Fabrique Spinoza:

Atelier CMJN:

1 Response to Contact

  1. Dear Gael, what an amazing website that you have accomplished here 😉
    For me hapiness can also be measurable in terms of how close to Nature I can remain. The Human instinct is clearly based on ancien cultural and ways of living that were all quite intimately linked to Nature before our modern age. By Nature I mean several things ranging from the beauty of Nature to ecosystem services. Let’s talk about that with a beer 😉
    Your friend,

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