In the following tables, we show the happiness distribution in about 100 countries; more specifically, we study the Ten-Over-Nine(TON) effect. This effect is a surprising tendency existing in some groups where more people tick the ‘10’ value than the ‘9’ value. It can be observed in the graph below in Austria for instance but not in Australia.


In the tables below (in pdf) you can observe this trend on life satisfaction on a 1-10 scale (LS10), on a 0-10 scale (LS11), on the cantril scale (contentment), the frequency of occurence of this phenomenon on a 1-10 scale (Ratio-1-10) on a 0-10 scale(Ratio-0-10) and the comparison of verbal and numerical scales.

LS10 LS11 Ratio-1-10 Ratio-0-10 Contentment Numerical_verbal_scale

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